Jonathan Rimmel, Photographer, Designer, Influencer

Meet the Man

My name is Jonathan Rimmel and I like to think of myself as a modern-day renaissance man.

Like any young padawan, I had big dreams of changing the world. After all, I’ve never been able to stand “going with the flow,” or “sticking to the status quo,” or using the phrase “status quo.” In the golden age of influencers, I figured now was the time to make a change. However, I had to face the ever fear inducing, stomach churning question of “how?” There are so many paths to take, so many passions to pursue. Well, given my creative skills, and passion for technology, I turned to the internet. In fact, I’ll bet you’re on the internet at this very moment. Unless, your reading this using your telepathic abilities. Wait…are you?

“So you turned to the internet. bla bla, then what? Come on man, don’t leave me hanging!” Yeah yeah, I hear you. Well, honestly I’m still figuring things out. In the mean-time, you can peruse my artwork.

When I’m not photographing, designing, playing around in Daz Studio, or talking about cameras and lenses, you might find me: learning a language, studying the Bible, pumping iron, or writing a novel, or sipping a fancy latte, while playing Skyrim (unless I take an arrow to the knee).